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Wolllust adventskalender

Moritz, Bozen, Mittenwald und ins Salzkammergut. Sold by: Amazon. Something went wrong.

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Merchandise en en-gb de fr ru. Prev 1 2 Next Go. It seems someone at ZOS found a million bucks in an old sock and they have the plan to give it away to some random person for no good reason. Give it to me!

Where should the $ that zos apparently has lying around go to?

They don't have it lying around. ESO will be dead in that time, ZOS probably too and the money will be invested in other things in the meantime, before it has to be paid out. I checked again, the contest is sponsored by Bethesda Softworks. Thank you for your contribution, Fallout 4 fans.

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Edited by Rosveen on December 4, AM. December They obviously have the funds to fix it - it's just a matter of time and investigation, not money. I would have been happy with a total of k, with k going to a charity of the winners choice, and k going to the player themselves.

Edited by Kas on December 4, AM. I get the sentiment, but it's not 1mil USD upfront. It's 50,USD each year for 20 years.

Bit of a difference, and likely to be written-off each tax season for 20 years. In the end each of us is in this alone. The survivors are those who know how to look out for themselves. I have departed into the great unknown that is outside the game and the forums, and wish you well in your Tamriel adventures! Just so you know, the 1 million dollar contest has nothing to do with Zos, Bethesda is the one holding the event, they just own Zos. GreenSoup2HoT wrote: ».

And the best of it…

That amount of money paid over 20 years is basically nothing to Bethesda, just a he up. Do people not realise of course that Zenimax Online Studios is a subsidiary of Zenimax Media, a big umbrella corporation, and this is likely where the money is coming from.

Not out of ZOS's budget? Sweetrolls for all!

I say split it with some lucky winner and they pick the charity for the other half. Hire more artists.

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Rosveen wrote: ». LostRedden wrote: ». ZOS owns Bethesda studios, they have for a while.

I read it in a game informer magazine back in I think they should invest that money in the development of glow in the dark sunglasses that help people see in the dark while still looking cool. Or perhaps a solar powered flash light. Seriously how many times has your power gone out and you reached for your flashlight only to find its out of batteries!!!

Now you can reach for your solar powered flash light and never worry about dead batteries again!!!

Edited by Armitas on December 4, PM. There are a lot of bugs that need fixing and only some of them are in PVP. Job 1 is make the program work right. Alucardo wrote: ». You do know it's 50K a year for 20 years right?

Not just 1mill at once. Like really enough with the troll thre already.

Birgit freyer

You people find a reason to complain about everything. This is pathetic. In or Register to comment.