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Penis steif kriegen

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Penis Steif Kriegen

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The wire loop 1 at the outer end of the stiffener extends beyond the enlarged end of the silicone or latex shaft the shaft penis steif kriegen flat and tapers, becoming narrower toward its bottom end the wire is wrapped round itself three times 2 just under the top loop. There is a double run of wire to a loop 3 half-way down the shaft and a single run down the lower part of the shaft ends in a loop 4 just short of the extreme tip.

This stiffener is external made of silicone or soft latex. The rigid element inside consists of a VA wire structure, which is made so that the front part of the stiffener is firmer, while the lower half of the to the top is more flexible. Besides that is in a special coating process the wire with silicone envelops. In diesem Zusammenhang wurden einige verschidene Modelle hergestellt und von mehreren Probanden ausprobiert.

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Daraus hat sich ein Grundmodell ergeben. The outer dimensions as well the de was tested in numerous experiments in order to get as close as possible to ensure pleasant application. In In this context, several different models were produced and tried by several subjects.

This has become a basic model result. Beschreibung: Description:. Of the Penis stiffener afterwards only called Seifmacher, should help those men who are no longer are able to get their penis stiff in the normal way and thus can not perform sexual intercourse.

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With The stirrer does not play such an important role in your own erection more, because the stiffener is inserted directly into the urethra and thereby the penis from the inside the necessary stiff gives. Because the member of men is different, becomes There are also the stiffener in different sizes. The standard de is about 14 cm long, 8 mm thick and runs conically up to the lower end pointed to.

Upwards in front of this thickening, the inner wire becomes one 5 mm eyelet bent This eyelet serves to pull out the stiffener again. It can to this eyelet also a thinner one Thread are attached, where the stiffener are pulled out can. The penis steif kriegen holder can be pushed so deep into that too the eyelet no longer visible. Would simply leave the stiffener in the penis after use, would this after about 5 minutes on natural Way out of yourself be transported. Dealing with it is fast and easy Problem. While the top part of the Steimachers by the double wire pretty much stiff, the lower half is something more flexible.

The serving the wire of silicone or latex is at the bottom tip something 2 cm without wire and thus fully flexsiebel. The Thickening at the upper end prevents the stiffener during the Traffic comes by itself. Stand der Technik: State of the art:. Die Wirksamkeit von Duftstoffen und Liebestropfen ist sowiso umstritten.

To extensive research on the internet, I have no comparable Find an object with this purpose. There are many others Aids that target the penis for the upcoming sexual intercourse stiff, but these all have some disadvantages. All externally applied means, such as overcoat can also disturbing Act. The efficacy of fragrances and love drops is something like that controversial.

Dagegen ist die Anwendung dieses Steifmachers sehr einfach schnell und unproblmatisch.

Ein weiterer Nebeneffeckt ist, das nach einem gehabten Orgasmus der Samen erst dann heraus kommt, wenn der Steifmacher herausgezogen wird. On the other hand the application of this stiffener is very quick and easy. He can immediately be introduced become and immediately ready for use. To introduce the stiffener with Spit or cream will be moistened and will then be so far into the urethra he pushed in from the outside is no longer visible by the penis of the partner against completely normal and leaves too no doubt arise.

The man who uses the stiffener learns thus an inner stimulus which can also promote orgasm. Except a habituation in the first applications, no disadvantages have been found so far Service. Another Nebeneffeckt is that after a great orgasm the seed only comes out when the stiffener is pulled out becomes. In order to could the stiffener also as a contraceptive be used. Unlike other remedies, this stiffener over and over again Years are used.

You can always have it with you, He is always penis steif kriegen for action and can not be seen from the outside. Penis Steifmacher Penis stiffener. Beschreibung mit bezugnahme auf die Zeichnung: Description with reference on the drawing:. The stiffener consists of a VA wire structure which is covered with soft silicone or latex. The inner wire is at the upper end to an eyelet 1then wrapped three times around the downgoing wire 2bent down so that both wires are close together. The end of the double wire is half the total length once around the downgoing wire wrapped 3 so that both wires are connected together at this point.

Der nach unten hin weiter velaufende Draht ist am Ende 4 umgebogen um spitze Kanten zu vermeiden. The wire that continues to run downwards is at the end 4 bent over to avoid sharp edges. The cover of silicone or latex is shaped so that at the top of a thickening 5 was produced. Underneath is the shaft 6 slightly thinner and continues to taper to the top 7. Die letzte Spitze 8 ist nur noch aus weichem Silicon gefertigt. The last tip 8th is made of soft silicone only. The wire eyelet 1 now protrudes from the thickening 5 out. This eyelet 1serves to pull the stiffener out again, but it can also be a thin thread attached to the eyelet on which the stiffener can be pulled out again.

Der konische Schaft endet unten mit einer weichen Spitze.

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Am oberen Ende hat der Schaft eine Verdickung. Penis stiffener according to claim 1, characterized in that the stiffener consists of an inner wire with a soft sheath of silicone or latex. The conical shaft ends at the bottom with a soft tip. At the upper end of the shaft has a thickening. This stiffener is fully inserted into the urethra and keeps the penis stiff until it is pulled out again. Stiffener according to claim 1, characterized in that it depending as needed different sizes are.

Stiffener according to claim 1, characterized in that it different versions will give regarding the external shape. Stiffener according to claim 1, characterized in that the stiff-holding Element consists of a VA spring steel wire. Stiffener according to claim 1, characterized in that the wire up to an eyelet is bent, at which the stiffener are pulled out again can.

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Stiffener according to claim 1, characterized penis steif kriegen that the wire in the upper half is double so that the front area is a bit stiffer. Stiffener according to claim 1, characterized in that the lower Wire tip is rounded or bent. Stiffener according to claim 1, characterized in that the lower tip of the serving only made of silicone or latex. Stiffener according to claim 1, characterized in that the envelope of runs conically upwards, but in the surface instead of being smooth, it can also be profiled. Stiffener according to claim 2, characterized in that on the upper end of the shaft is located a thickening, which prevent should, that the stiffener does not come out by itself.

DE DEB4 en Stiffening device for human penis may be fitted in urethra and consists of spring steel wire with silicone or latex coating and loop at outer end and wire is wrapped around itself at top end. DEB4 en. DEA1 en. DEC2 en. Testicular support for elevation and treatment of diseased testicles and epididymis.

DEC en. Device for the treatment of female genital organs to eliminate potency disorders. DET2 en. EPA1 en. DEU1 en. Protective capsule made of rubber or the like for therapeutic treatment of the male limb.