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No night stand

Those of us who live in small homes have a of organizing challenges—and one of those challenges involves small bedrooms where fitting in a nightstand or two may be impossible. People who are bedridden may also want organizing tools that keep things closer at hand than on a nightstand. Bedside pockets are one common product de to meet this need—and although I've seen some hideous ones, they can be deed to be both attractive and functional.

No Night Stand

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These ideas can help you bring a stunning accent to the small space and uplift the whole bedroom. They can also provide you with valuable storage ideas. Maybe we want something more interesting, useful, and exciting. This post may contain affiliate links. A nightstand is supposed to hold your essentials by the bed.

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Once you get your queen or king size bed in your teeny-tiny bedroom, you might be horrified to find that there is absolutely no room for nightstands in your space. Well, maybe not horrified…but definitely disappointed. When we downsized, our new master bedroom was about half the size of our old one and our beautiful, marble-topped nightstands would not fit.

No way, no how. Now that was disappointing! Even the most minimalistic human needs a space by their bed for their water, their phone and their Kindle, am I right? As an Amazon associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We earn from other retailers as well, which means if you buy something through the links or images on thiswe may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Read our disclosure for more info. We hope you enjoy our tips and product suggestions.

If you have no area beside the bed, then you have to use the area behindaboveand near the bed! These first several ideas show you how to do that. Console tables are made to go behind sofas, so they are traditionally narrow anyway and work well behind the bed, with a couple caveats.

No room for nightstands? 18 bedside alternatives for your small bedroom

They vary in height a bit, as do beds. If you like to lean back and read or watch TV in bed, you may have no night stand arrange your pillows creatively to accommodate the table. This super skinny sofa table would be great behind the bed as a nightstand alternative. The really smart thing about this table, besides its skinniness, is that it has an outlet with two USB ports built right into the top of it! So no more pinched neck nerves as you contort yourself to reach the plug behind the bed.

It comes in walnut or black and is only 6 inches deep. Here are a couple more narrow console tables 9 inches deep or less that may work for you. Again, measure your bed and the table to see where the table height will fall. A narrow shelf above the bed is a simple nightstand alternative. It provides enough room for your phone, water and a few decorative items. Hide your smaller necessities in a pretty box or jar to keep it tidy. I like this Slimline Floating Wall Shelf because it comes in expresso, white or black and a variety of lengths.

Or here is a sectioned shelfsimilar to the one in the photo. With no room for nightstands or the lamps that sit on them, lighting can be a challenge. If you need some reading light, attach these stick-on LED light strips to the underside of the shelf. I love this look as a nightstand alternative!

No nightstand? 9 products for bedside organization

You could really make the bed wall a focal point with interesting decorative items on the top and still have room on the shelves for your nighttime necessities. To make this work, measuring is key. And that will depend on how wide your bed is. Below are a couple simple bookcases that come in an array of finishes that would work as nightstand alternatives in this way. This Casual Home bookcase is about 30 inches wide. If you have a queen-size bed which is about 60 inches widetwo of those will do the trick nicely.

The Hombazzar Bookcase is about 32 inches wide and would work too. But be sure and measure the height of the bookshelves so they land where you want them to.

11 alternatives to the classic bedside table

Casual Home Bookcase If you can eek out a little wall space beside the bed, a pretty shelf like the one in the image above makes a nice little nightstand substitute. This homeowner found her shelf at a yard sale luckeee! Love that bling! I did find this Mkono pair of small shelves that are super cute as they are, for a rustic or industrial lookor would be stunning painted gold for a glam look. Wall lights that plug in are easy to install and come in an array of styles. I love the look of this Rivet Gold Plug-in Sconce. This Headboard Light slips right over your headboard and is just bright enough for nighttime reading.

27 tiny nightstands for small bedrooms

Such a cool little invention for small bedrooms! These popular corner shelves are just right for holding those nighttime essentials. Use the bottom shelves for necessities and the upper shelves for decorative items. They come in several finishes too. Just hang them at a level where the lower shelves are reachable from your bed. Works perfectly for tiny bedrooms with nearly zero floor space on either side of the bed!

In our 50 Space Saving Bedroom Ideas article, we share the idea of using pegboard beside the bed like a nightstand. But when you have no room beside the bed, you can do what the De Sponge blogger did and put pegboard behind the bed. This is such an unconventional and creative nightstand idea! Add baskets which you can paint to match your pegboard BTW for your nighttime essentials and pretty it up with artwork and you have a practical and pretty storage area to take the place of nightstands.

What the heck is a wall grid, you ask? I love the look of this Rose Gold Wall Grid. You can use the clips it comes with to attach your inspirational saying du jour or favorite art prints. This grid does not come with shelves or baskets, but you can buy them separately, along with several other accessories including a magazine holder. You can find them all here.

The grid and accessories come in both rose and regular gold finishes. I love how you can customize these to match your needs and style.

14 phenomenal nightstand alternatives for small spaces

So pretty, and another creative nightstand alternative idea! A bookcase headboard is the obvious nightstand alternative in a small space. They attach to just about any bed frame and are relatively inexpensive. This Prepac Bookcase Headboard has lots of nooks to keep those nighttime essentials close at hand.

7 alternatives to bedside tables for small spaces

Both of these nightstand alternatives would work well in a small bedroom. They work best with a platform bed frame no boxspring and come in a variety of finishes. This genius invention attaches to your bed frame with no tools! It even has convenient notches for your charging cables. This is the perfect nightstand alternative and would even be a great gift for someone who lives in a tiny space like college kids! A bedside caddy makes an easy nightstand alternative in a small space. The Night Caddy Deluxe slips between your mattress and boxspring or bedframe and comes with a dual USB port for easy device charging.

It even has convenient holes for charging cables! Who knew there were so many?

Now, if you have no room for traditional nightstands but can eek out a few inches of floor space beside the bed…here are a few more options for bedside storage in a small space. Multifunctional furniture is the best solution for small spaces! A lamp with shelves to hold your bedside necessities is a prime example of this.

I love the simple look of this Brightech Floor Lamp with Shelves. It comes in several finishesis highly ratedand solves both lighting and storage issues in your small space.

This mDe Narrow Storage Tower is just under 8 inches wide — perfect to gain a little storage in a narrow space. I like how the drawers keep the space looking neat and tidy.