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Lush lovesense

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Lush Lovesense

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I am a big fan of Lovense's teledildic sex toys and was so excited to try the Lovense Lush 2 wearable egg vibrator!

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Lovense Lush 3 is a quality insertable silicone egg vibrator that delivers super-strong vibes to your G-spot. Unlike Lush 2, it has a fixed, figure-hugging de for a more discreet and comfortable experience and an upgraded antenna for better lush lovesense. Plus, like other Lovense toys, the jam-packed app offers endless patterns to control stimulation, while the real-time sensations and chat options help close the distance between you and your lover.

Lush 3 packs a lot of features and vibrating power for a small wearable device that stays put for an extended time. The Lush 3 turned up on my doorstep in plain discreet packaging, which did not indicate anything naughty.

I prefer to keep my sex toys in something silky soft. So, there is that!

The Lush 3 came to me half-charged, ready to use out of the box. Usually, I give my new toys a full charge before the first use. But the half-charge was oh-so-tempting. So, I gave in! I also noticed the absence of any strong chemical odors, which you sometimes get with new sex toys.

Packaging & what's in the box?

We all know that not all sex toys are created equally. So, what features are you actually getting when you purchase a Lush 3? The Lush 3 is made from premium-grade silicone that is body-safe and feels super soft. But the most visible upgrade with the Lush 3 has been the antenna. The result? A much more discreet and comfortable toy for public play or long wear.

What’s new?

Instead of dangling between your legs, it fits flush to your body. For me, this is a great de tweak since I broke my original Lush by pulling the antenna forward to get a little clit-stim going. And I ended up messing with the Bluetooth! The insertable part of the vibrator measures about 1. The Lush 2 insertable measures 3.

Lush 3 packs a lot of vibrating power for a small wearable device. Lovense has clearly hit the mark on creating small, powerful toys.

Lovense lush 2 review: is it really that good?

Not super hardcore intense, but they are certainly strong enough to make a good impression on your G-spot! But they do get a bit buzzier when you ramp up the power.

But If you enjoy powerful rumbly vibrations for G-spot stim, then Lush 3 could suit you. The fourth to seventh patterns are a mix of pulses, waves, and escalations. Want more?

Using the Lovense Remote app, you have the option to adjust the speed levels of the four preset patterns — Pulse, Wave, Fireworks, and Earthquake. And if those are not enough, you can create, save, and share your own patterns.

Or let your partner create patterns and control the vibes on your Lush 3 much more on that later. The Lush 3 features a magnetic charger located at the end of the antenna, which is much better than the Lush 2, IMO. Lush 2 had a USB plug-in port located on the insertable end, which is just a recipe for bacterial infections!

Also, I have heard stories of the pin of the plug breaking off inside it. While charging, a solid red light stays on. Once full, the light will turn off. Then, check the battery indicator. It takes about 85 minutes to charge fully. Yeah, it takes longer than other rechargeable sex toys, but it does provide up to 2 hours more of continuous use than the Lush 2. If you want lush lovesense maximize your webcam tips or wear your Lush 3 all day for spontaneous teasing sessions, then this could be a big advantage!

As per our testing, the absolute highest sound level of the Lush 3 is You could easily use it in public places with constant ambient sound without being busted — but not within super-quiet intimate places.

Lovense lush 2

Then slowly increase the vibration intensity through the app. The main reason why I love reviewing Lovense products lush lovesense the company behind them. They really listen to what their customers say. The toy got uncomfortable when used for an extended time because of it. It kept moving. Sometimes, the tip on my Lush 2 was sticking out in all the wrong places that I needed to be careful about my outfit choices. This form-fitting de means that the toy stays in place better for most women and is noticeably more comfortable for extended wear.

There are no obvious changes in the vibrating motor. Both Lush 2 and Lush 3 still offer deep, powerful rumbly vibes. And I noticed that Lush 3 is more powerful on lower settings than Lush 2. Now, onto the connectivity. Lovense equipped Lush 3 with a brand-new antenna and printed circuit board PCB. Both connect easily and remain connected for close-range and long-distance control.

But if you had connectivity issues with your Lush 2, then upgrading to the Lush 3 could resolve this issue. In terms of noise levels, Lush 3 is slightly quieter than Lush 2 on low settings.

But once worn, both are pretty discreet when used in public places with ambient noise. Lush 3 now comes with a more convenient magnetic charging cable. Yup, that pretty much translates to longer public play action or lots of dough for cam models. There are TWO ways to use Lush 3. You can cycle through 3 steady levels and 4 preset patterns.

Second, you can use it through the Lovense Remote app. Oh, you can also sync its vibrations to music and background sounds. The Lush 3 has one button to rule them all. Just press the little button for a few seconds, and it will give a little pulse and a flashing light to ify that it is ON. Then press it, again and again, to move to the next patterns. Then hold it down for a few seconds to switch OFF again. Using Lush 3 manually is easy-peasy. Then, I slowly insert the bulb inside.

Lovense lush 3 review []: is it worth the upgrade?

I first make sure that the tail sits on top of my sweet spot AKA my clit. Once done, I press the control button for seconds until I feel a small buzz. I seldom take the manual way when I use my Lush 3 or all of my Lovense toys, actually. But for the sake of science and this lush lovesenseI went ahead and explored the built-in vibration functions. You can sit back or lie down and enjoy the vibes. In my case, I prefer the third steady buzz vibes. I usually do a mental count to get to my go-to vibe.

There were one or two instances, though, that I went beyond the third. However, the app for Lush 3 is the same as that for all Lovense toys. Connect the toy via Bluetooth by holding the power button for around 3 seconds. On the app, select the Link button. The app will find and connect to your toy in a few seconds.

The connection is super fast and only takes a few seconds.