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Gebrauchte Slips Kaufen

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We have set ourselves the goal of redefining the fragrance experience. The success story began in in Germany Hamburg, since then our platform that connects more than 40, female sellers with interested parties. Who does not love erotic, sexy used panties? An admittedly rhetorical question, but we have much more for you than used panties! Visit our store and you will feel the energy of this sexy underwear! Whether used thong, string or even socks - our Tasty women wear all this for you!

With us you will not only find used panties! Should it be used sexy high heels or the comfortable slippers? Would you like to feel the scent of socks?

So funktioniert es am besten

Or would you like a second-hand sextoy? With us you find everything! There are no limits to your sexuality and preferences. There is no taboo. For many people the scent and the idea of which woman is really behind the panties, what this woman does for a living and what she looks like is very appealing. The possession of used panties can help them to feel especially close to a woman and stimulate the sexual imagination.

Furthermore, a used lingerie is something very intimate and very important for a woman. Women typically have their favorite panties and handle them with great care. This creates an enormous incentive for some men to buy used panties from women, as they get into the possession of something very private.

With us you, your desires and your fantasy are in the foreground with great sellers of used panties. That is our mission.

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In Japan, the desire for used underwear appeared more and more in the 80's and has spread rapidly since then. In the s, so-called lingerie vending machines, i. Stricter regulations in Japan have now put an end to this trend, and as a result, these vending machines hardly exist in Japan at all. But the attraction that comes from used pants has been uninterrupted in Japan since then and is satisfied by online stores.

Another upswing in buying used panties is the Netflix series "Orange is the new Black". There the leading actress Piper Chapman sells used panties out of prison in season 3. The series is about Piper Chapman, an actually down-to-earth woman, unexpectedly ending up in prison. The series has become one of Netflix's biggest blockbusters and has gained a million fan audience.

The broadcast of the show has exponentially increased the attention in the USA after used panties. The series has made it possible to buy used underwear that has become respectable in the USA. Thus, the trend has established itself in the population and is not just a mere hype. Studies show that due to evolution, men find it attractive to buy used panties.

Men generally find women who have just ovulated more attractive. Women emit a special scent from the pubic area, which is subconsciously detected by men. Thus men literally smell the mating ability of a woman and the attractiveness increases.

Discreet shipping

The scent shows that the woman is able to reproduce and the existence of humanity can continue. With TastySlips you can buy used underwear and satisfy the evolutionary desire. Many scientists agree that the sense of smell is one of our strongest senses ever.

So the aroma scents of food are also responsible for the sense of taste.

Jetzt kostenlos testen und direkt profitieren!

Scientists also believe that sweat glands transport a scent particularly well. Sweating and wearing underwear over a longer period of time increases the intense smell and even gives it a unique scent. By buying used panties, people are able to capture the smell of what makes a woman a woman. As a result, the smell is intoxicating and attractive to many men. At TastySlips the purchase of used undies or other erotic items is as easy and anonymous as never before! The only thing you have to do is to choose a beautiful product and it has to be from a lady of your choice!

Then all you have to do is confirm your purchase. With us there is no "Member-Club" or similar!

Wellcraft martinique

And what else does TastySlips offer you? Real women with really sexy products that they wear for you. That means: After the payment is received, we forward the money to the ladies and act as an intermediate interface. We receive the payment data only and do not forward it to the ladies. At the same time the saleswomen are informed about your order and start wearing the panties.

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When the desired wearing period is over, the used underwear is sealed and discreetly shipped to an address of your choice or to a parcel station. With no noticeable packaging. With TastySlips you only get the best scent experience. Buy used panties. There is not a single indication of "TastySlips" in the statements. A discreet transfer is therefore possible.

The sellers send the goods inconspicuously and without advertising imprints. Gladly also at packing stations. Our customer relationships are very important to us. Therefore every one of your purchases is insured.

Store safely and confidently on TastySlips. TastySlips is and remains a fair portal!

You only pay for the products of your choice. That means: NO further costs!

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A small selection from over 60, Tasty women. Certificate payment options.

Buy used panties - The fragrance experience We have set ourselves the goal of redefining the fragrance experience. Is it just a hype to buy used panties In Japan, the desire for used underwear appeared more and more in the 80's and has spread rapidly since then.

Why the scent of a woman is evolutionarily attractive Studies show that due to evolution, men find it attractive to buy used panties. How is the process of buying used panties? And now we can only wish you an unforgettable Tasty experience!

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