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Galerie de sade münchen

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Galerie De Sade München

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Lady Sonia. Debora's Topliste. F etish D omina V erified. Mistress of the Month:. Demanding Devotion Visit her site here. Visit her site here.

Name: Carlynne
Alter: 20

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With a very sadistic side, I am merciless. You will feel my extremely rough approach, as well as my softness and attention to fragility. What I like is to see men getting out of their comfort zone, pushing their limits and putting themselves in a grace state of vulnerability. I see endless beauty in this state. I get excited when I feel your complete submission.

What really turns me on is true self-sacrifice, when my devotees are giving all they can offer to satisfy me. I was born to be served and adored by men and I see no other function in their existence. In my sessions I give you the opportunity to serve me and be eternally grateful.

My humiliations are nothing but sincere truths about yourself, that no one in your daily life has the audacity to tell you. I like to have long term students and I am open for beginners too.

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It can also be without physical pain, but fraying your standards is always a violent process. We will get in touch with our wildest fantasies as a process of getting to our creative source to feed ourselves, returning new and refreshed. My radical training will transform your way of being in the world beyond the sessions.

Your self-sacrifice will be a demonstration of your devotion and claim for change. I am open to all genders, ages, disabilities and adapt my tactics to each person. I put all my passion into it, you will feel how sublime my evil hands can be. You will visit your Mistress regularly.

Sessions will continue even after our time at the dungeon, for longer periods. I will give you homework too. Guided by your mistress you will overcome your limitations and take your kinks to the extreme.

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This is a beautiful process of full devotion and dedication. Be my own private slut. I will dress you up the way I like so you can be pretty and satisfy me. You will submit to me like a good girl. In my sissy training you will learn how to dress up properly, how to use makeup, lingerie, hair and heels, shave or wax in a very classy style according to my own taste.

And the most important of all how to deepthroat my dildo, be pegged and seduce me as a real lady. You can also be a sissy maid washing dishes and clothes, vacuuming, cleaning the toilet, kitchen, polishing my shoes and whatever your Mistress asks you to do, no matter how embarrassing and humiliating you find it. This is one of my favorites. I will train you to be my whore, you will learn how to behave as a real prostitute, you will bring all the money you make to your Mistress, I am your PIMP. If you are lucky I will bring you with me to some clubs and you will work for me there too.

You can be my online cam girl, my whore at gloryholes and brothels or even a street prostitute but first you need to be trained in my dungeon. You will learn how to deepthroat any cock, expand your anal abilities and to moan like a real slut. You will be forced by me to please or be pleased by another man.

According to your limits and preferences. This cost extra, check rates. Do you want a deep understanding of why your place is under my feet? One of your Goddess favorites is forced feminist reading, you will read a book or essay I choose to fulfill your education.

I will give you some homework and we will discuss the subject in our next session. You will be my student and I will be your teacher. This is a role play I like a lot, and you know what happens if you fail the exams? Your Mistress loves it so much! I am happy when I see my slaves improvement and their ability to take more and more each session.

This is a hard training but it is worth it! Make your Mistress proud of you! I have all sizes of dildos, but I am always looking for making you ready for the next level. Fisting is also one of my specialities, I have very small hands and for those who are prepared we can do double fisting also possible with two dominas.

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It is very fun! Sexy domination for those who like to be dominated without the pain or extreme games, for beginners or those who just like it soft core. You will play with your Goddess a game of intimacy and physical contact.

What I allow? That is a great combination, I will use you for my own pleasure, and only mine, I will sit on you the way I like and you will just shut up. I only do it combined with bondage so you wont have any control, it is all on my hands, behave like a good toy because I will use you. This is only for real submissive man, any aim to control the situation will be lead to the end of the session.

This cost extracheck the rates. As I said, your Mistress is merciless, you will face my extremely sadistic side, a pain and pleasure game.

Ball scratching, ball squeezing, cock slapping, cock whipping, hitting your balls with hard kicks and knees, ball punching, trampling, wax play, clamps, electro chock stimulation and other tools can be used to satisfy my sadistic desires. If you behave well and your Mistress feels like it, maybe you get milked after that.

Imagine your Goddess all covered in rubber, imagine you too in a latex outfit, a latex blowbag or a blow catsuit when I inflate it with air, a mask, the smell of the rubber, all this sounds like a rubber dream, I am a latex fetishist too. Well, when all the air is sucked out and you are inside the vacuum bed you just have a straw to breath and I am controlling if you will do it or not, feel the weight of your goddess on your body, feel the temperatures through the latex, this game can be combined with impact play, foot fetish, face sitting, trampling, ball busting, golden shower, cold and warm games.

This is one of my specialities. I like to do it in different ways: with face sitting galerie de sade münchen restraints, in a vacuum bed or space bag, with chocking collar, with gas mask or other kind of mask, just with restraints and my hands or feet. I enjoy inviting my friends to play together, you know that one mistress is great, can you imagine two? This is priced according to the other Lady agreement. I know you always dreamed to see your Mistress fucking with someone. You can stay under the bed or restrained in a corner while I fuck a young hot man or my beautiful girlfriend.

If you are lucky you can get really close. As a bi sexual I really love to make out with another woman, I will give you the chance to watch while I kiss, lick and get licked by another Goddess, lesbian sex is a passion of mine, I also like to use strap on or dildo in other woman. The fee of the second Lady will off course be charged, depending on her agreement. Those are my kisses towards you.

You will feel how disgusted by you I can be. This can be from soft to very hard, depending on how much you can take. You will see the fire in my eyes when I look at your and punish you for your bad behavior.

I can use different tactics of nipple torture, different toys and ice. Taste the nectar of the Goddess or feel the warm feeling coming straight from the fount. You can drink it all. If drinking is a limit for you, my golden nectar can be your body and cock. I also like to insert champagne inside my ass and make you drink it all. For dirty ones that dream about tasting this special nectar of the Goddess. This is great combined with humiliation, only real pigs are able to go for it.

Caviar cost extra, check the rates. Your Goddess is also a squirter, this is another special nectar you will have the honor to taste if you behave well, be forever grateful. Cover or uncovered. With breath control or without. Smell, taste or feel the weight of your mistress on your face. Giving you goddess pleasure is a breathtaking and sublime experience. This is nothing but the sincere truths about yourself, which nobody in your daily life has the audacity to tell you. You wanna go out dressed as my slut to have a drink? As my puppy to take a walk in a park?