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Fkk strand st peter ording

It was shaped by many TV series and movies. The incredible natural backdrop has inspired numerous artists, storytellers, and of course vacationers as well.

Fkk Strand St Peter Ording

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Sankt Peter-Ording is located on a peninsula and has a lot of different spots for almost every kind of kitesurfing conditions you could ask for!

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The Kitesurf World Cup has been hosted at Sankt Peter-Ording for the past ten years because of the fantastic conditions while at the same time its a great spot for beginners. You will have a great time if you come and visit with a campervan as you will feel the freedom and the ability to go to all the kite spots but keep in mind that officially, it's not allowed to bbq or camp at the beach itself. The local kitesurfers in Sankt Peter-Ording kitesurf all year long, as long as the northern sea isn't iced over. As we are in the northern sea, in the north of Europe, you can leave you boardshorts and bikinis behind!

The best time is the end of March until the beginning of June then again from the start of September until November. The weather is pleasant, and the wind blows knots or stronger most of the time. I would recommend you bring along a 7m, 9m, and 12m kites and if you bring a light wind kite, you're covered and will be on the water almost all the time!

Beach destinations

Courses usually run from the beginning of April until the end of October in 4mm or 5mm wetsuits, sometimes with boots and gloves, but just on freezing days. To get around, there are taxis and bike rentals, but as the village is quite long, you are better off renting a car.

With a rental, it's a lot easier for you to move from one kite spot to another and be able to move your stuff easily as it's often raining and windy.

If you are looking for partying in a club, this is not the right place! There are some nice bars and restaurants but most of the time you will find the other surfers just hanging out in their vans at the beach, and that's usually the best vibe. There is a village party once a week in summer and a big party every first Saturday each month in a well-known fish restaurant.

If there is no wind, we go for a SUP tour on the northern sea or relax at the beach. You can play golf or go horseriding on the beach.

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The closest cable park is about 60km away, so if you have a car, it is possible as well. You can also always book a boat trip to the island Helgoland and have a look at the seals - they are fantastic! We only have two good internet providers; Vodafone and T-mobile.

I would recommend buying a sim card because not every restaurant or bar has free WiFi and you need the internet to check the forecast! The whole village is packed with hotels and apartments, look on Airbnb. There is a nice motel called The Beach Motel, and it is pretty much just that, the rooms are nice, and some have a sea view if you ask for it.

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A true must see, with its beautiful natural landscapes and coastlines and, its shores are just a stone throw from the CBD. The range of coasts ensure there is an ideal spot for any possible wind direction and kiting discipline. Auckland is…. Haven't you ever heard of Roatan!

No wonder Well lucky us, the Eastern side is well preserved as well as its authentic charm and unspoiled nature. Now kiters are starting to venture North and enjoy the strong winds and amazing waves that grace this stretch of coastline.

Hauptstrand is the main kite beach and is the most popular spot and has a good mix of flatter water and waves on the reef. When it gets windy, it can get choppy on the inside, and during peak times it can get busy. Hold off for an evening session or get out during lunchtime to avoid the masses.

On high-tide, there are bigger waves and deep water. At low tide, you get little waves and bigger shallow area.

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Good at SW to N Winds. Never go in offshore winds!

It is only kite-able 2 hours before, and 2 hours after high tide, otherwise it's dry! In offshore winds, there is always a sandbank on the other side. Check out Kitesurf-Training while you are there. You have to walk a bit, but its worth it! Why Visit? Hauke from Kitesurf-Training cruising between teaching! Recommended Schools.

Recommended Businesses. Taking the dog for a walk! Friendly seal!

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Send it! Nothing beats a good sunset. Gorgeous beach. Add Your School Here! Add Your Business Here! Flysurfer View in Mag. Hamburg HAM - 2 hrs transfer by. Rating 3. Lieuwe Boards View in Mag. New Zealand.

Roatan Haven't you ever heard of Roatan! Share - 1. By Hauka Hinz. Hauke Hinz has been a kitesurfing instructor for more an 10 years and currently runs a kitesurfing school in Sankt Peter-Ording, where they train beginners as well as advanced kitesurfers. Hauptstrand Main beach. Do you know a good kitesurfing school here?

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