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Fkk forum deutschland

Started by Lost in Transmission12 Sep

Fkk Forum Deutschland

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There is no obligation to do anything; no pressure, no sales pitch and no haggling. They answered all my questions, helped me plan my flight and were there for me the entire trip.

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These Pauschalclubs sounds like extreme. I have only been in Artemis Club and I hate to pay, pay and pay more. I am going to save some money and buy a flight to Germany and hit some Pauschalclubs! Are there any best Pauschalclubs you guys can recommend?

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Which city has the best Pauschalclubs in Germany? What defines a "Pauschalclub"? You pay a fixed sum and fuck as many prostitutes as you can or want, sometimes there are limitations on how many girls you can fuck or no repeat sessions etc.

Some of the info above is obviously copied from other sites and inaccurate, please allow me to supply more accurate info. The best way to get an idea about the FKK Clubs in Germany is visit a variety of them, while all have a similar system they're all very different. I'd recommend using an organized tour group like fkktour which you can google, the oldest and most widely used tour service in Germany. They've been doing tours to the best clubs in Frankfurt, Cologne and Dusseldorf for at least 20 years. The benefit of going with a well known group is convenience, safety and connections.

All you need to do is fly to Germany, meet your group at the airport and everything after that is taken care of for you. An experienced guide will explain the rules of each club, the costs, fkk forum deutschland and girls in English.

Don't be that fool who visits a club for the first time and anger the staff for doing things or going places in the club you're not suppose to. You'll also benefit by a guide who knows the women and point out the good ones from the bad. Each day your transportation to and from the clubs will be provided, plus you'll be with other English speaking guests, some who have been before as well as newbies.

The Guides know the best days and times to visit each club. While you probably won't have any problems getting into most clubs, some clubs still screen guests like the biggest one "Golden Time" which commonly turns away people.

Stigma attached to going to an fkk club

If you don't know this, you obviously have not spent much time at Golden Time. When you get to be the biggest, best club you can be choosy about who gets in. Its not just the men but women are turned away as well if they don't fit the club standards. Recently the Dollar to Euro rates have stabilized and come closer towith a tour group you'll pay for your package which includes hotel, transportation, guide and driver via one US dollar payment.

Nude sunbathing in germany (fkk in deutschland)

No foreign transaction fees or currency differences. You can pay this via any major credit card instead of using cash. Remember take care when dealing with fly by night tour providers which often pop up and disappear. The last think you want to do is bring thousand bucks to Germany and give it to a stranger, which is why using a credit card makes sense. You're protected, just ask your bank or credit card company. The tour will visit one club per day and if the group wishes or the first club is not enough they'll move on to a second club.

You can expect to pay about Euros entry fee for each club and 50Euros for a 30 minutes session with a girl of your choice. Food costs are minimal to none since clubs serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once you've taken the tour you'll have a better understanding of how it all works, get the rules and info first hand from the experts. Many of their guests are repeats so they must be doing something right.

I would not pay that much attention to the names used by the clubs. It' more about the rates, usually 1 hour, 2 hours and all day mean its the all you can fuck style. In pay per fuck clubs you pay for each 30 minutes and you the extras.

Extras are Anal, and CIM cum in the mouth plus some others. The all inclusive clubs will not charge extra for any of the extras as they're included if the women will do them.

Sounds like you really have a lot of information! Any sex clubs you would recommend in Dortmund or Dusseldorf area? I will be flying to Dusseldorf and spending there few days and also taking two day trips two Cologne.

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in here. Recommended Posts. RedLights Posted March 14, In Germany you can have fun for as much as euro per day and have 4 sessions with 4 different girls, where can you beat that? Most FKK Sauna Clubs have good customer service, no pushy women begging for champagne or expensive drinks. Legal and clean clubs, excellent facilities such as: pool garden, sauna etc, the most gorgeous young prostitutes from all over the world who like what they doing. In some clubs more there are more than girls on a good day.

Tasty food and drinks, included in the entrance fee. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted March 25, Germany has over so called FKK Clubs. Other countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Czech Republic have copied the concept and business over the past decade from Germany.

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The reason for this is the girls are often wearing swim suits or lingerie. In the last decade Hybrid clubs have evolved and surfaced which are called "Pauschalclubs". German Pauschalclubs offer all the sex you want within a specified period of time. Pauschalclubs some were ly were FKK clubs, brothels, swinger clubs or partytreffs which went out of business due to different reasons. Over the last decade clubs have more than doubled in Germany and sprung up in few other countries due to the international popularity. While the customer base has not necessarily grown as fast as the clubs competition has grown clubs were forced to offer more to their clients.

A decade ago food was rarely to never found at any FKK clubs.

Basics included soft drinks, coffee, cookies, fresh fruit or sometimes soup. Pauschalclubs go the extreme providing one price which includes all the sex you want, food and drinks such as beer. Guest rain. Posted December 2, Guest Sex Germany.

In Pay-per-fuck clubs you just pay a flat rate for each fuck. SeasonedPro 0. Posted March 11, Some of the info above is obviously copied from other sites and inaccurate, please allow me to supply more accurate info "Germany has over so called FKK Clubs.

Bernd started the FKK Club concept in his home, after he passed away about 10 years ago his son took over the business.

The son also has passed away a few years ago. The business has been run by the same woman for the last few decades. What separates "The Schieferhof" as the locals call it "Bernd's Sauna Club" are the rules the women follow, which include complete nudity, deep french kissing, sex or oral services in the public areas of the club.

Saunaclubforum für fkk saunaclubs in europa

Bernd's has standards which set it apart from the other clubs which often are not really FKK clubs but just brothels. Other guests input does not carry as much weight. All the terms above can and are used to define if a club is indeed an authentic FKK Club. Typical Pauschalclub Prices.

Pauschalclubs some ly were FKK clubs, brothels, swinger clubs or partytreffs which went out of business due to different reasons. Posted March 13, Bull 0. Posted February 28, Register a new .