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Ffffound Trolling For Girls

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I've travelled a bit, I've never come across a Nokia TV setup in a hotel room, the elevator one doesn't work at my work. Even though it was a prank Where's The Stig?

Will raise you on that: rkMfI8UII2c fixed for you "when i get it right i like to do a one hander" what a legend! Boom, head shot! Does it really matter? Whenever he wants.

Wealth breeds wealth; I'm pretty sure that Michael Jordan also came from a well to do family. Jordan, Sr. Kinda looks like Mark Hamill I don't think his dad had much to with his success. IBM were looking for an OS that could read disk, Bill had heard from a friend that they heard someone had written a program to do this.

Bill went to IBM and said he has what they want and will "" to them rather than sell. IBM agreed, they said people are buying computers not software. He then located the dude who may have written this OS, turns out he had.

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Within weeks Bill was earning millions off it. Another oldie.

This is the most important part of the respected Mayo Clinic psychometric test. In the following pictures you see women with a range of facial expressions. Study the expressions, and try to imagine what is going on.

Then scroll down to see the answer…. Didn't his old man give him the 50K? Or Microsoft?

Not sure man. I heard that his dad was a successful lawyer, but didn't give Bill squat, as he had to earn his own.

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LOL the dude doing the jump poo. Pikachu used to be fat. At first he was all like Best picture from the Melbourne Cup! The coke one is what happens when company executives piss off the guy deing there billboards so he adds some "spice" Which isn't really noticeable until it is printed up and put on the billboards. Hahah :lol:.

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Life fail. Never have I wanted to use chat roulette, until now. I was thinking more of a reference to a certain scene in a certain series of car racing movies which shall not be named. Implicit eugenics is also good though.

Where is The Stig in Bondi? Good find! I squash them.

Can't stand the thought of one crawling across my face in the night. I've seen them that big too. All rights reserved.