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It began in an organised way in the late 19 th century, as a way to return to nature, along with growing your own food and being vegan, as a way to reject growing industrialism. In the s, the East German government tried to get rid of the practise, but it was no use. Eventually they gave up, and the by the 60s and 70s, it was widespread. Everyone from factory workers to police officers would hang out on the beaches naked. Of course, after reunification, things were a little different.

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By the 20th century the culture of communal open air nudity and its benefits to public health blossomed in Germany as an alternative to the stresses of industrialised, urban life. Under the term's "naturism" and "nudism", it is now internationally widespread, with associations and deated public recreational environments in numerous countries in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean; [2] the largest distribution is still found in German-speaking countries and Scandinavia.

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The practice of communal nudity is an essential characteristic of naturism, making, as it does, the maximum use of the natural agents of sun, air and water. It restores one's physical and mental balance through being able to relax in natural surroundings, by exercise and respect for the basic principles of hygiene and diet.

It encourages many activities that develop one's creativity.

Complete nudity is the most suitable clothing for getting back to essen fkk, and is certainly the most visible aspect of naturism, even if it is not the only one. It exerts a steadying and balancing influence on human beings, freeing them from the stresses caused by essen fkk taboos and provocations of today's society and shows the way to a more simple, healthy and human way of life.

The nudity of naturism has no sexual relation. Nudists and naturists are organized in national and international nudist or naturism associations. This nudity does not require a special group consensus. In public bathhouseseven in the Middle Agespeople bathed in the nude, although moral or with regard to disease transmission medical concerns were occasionally expressed. In many parts of central Europe up until the 18th century, people bathed naked in rivers and lakes, albeit often separated by gender. Beginning in the late 18th century, public nudity became increasingly taboo, which was never enforced in the sparsely populated Scandinavia.

At the same time, the Scottish judge Lord Monboddo — practised and preached unclothed "air-baths" for health and as a revival of Ancient Greek attitudes toward nudity. The idea of the therapeutic unclothed air-bath, was connected with that of the light-bath, in the early 20th century, for example by the pastor and naturopath Emanuel Felke.


Aroundnude bathing in the Berlin area and on the German North and Baltic Sea coast became more popular. With political liberalization, conservative circles challenged the nude bathing which had become popular among urban intellectuals, seeing them as a corruption of morality.

The socialist groups united separately under the name "Freie Menschen. Association for socialist Lifestyle and Free Body Culture with approx.

The first dissertation about the FKK movement was written in the s. In after the Nazi Party came to power, nudist organizations were initially banned or integrated into Nazi organizations. One of the greatest dangers for German culture and morality is the so-called nudity movement. Greatly as it is to be welcomed in the interest of the public health, that ever wider circles, especially of the metropolitan population, are striving to make the healing power of sun and air and water serviceable to their body, as essen fkk must the so-called nudity movement be disapproved of as a cultural error.

Among women the nudity kills natural modesty; it takes from men their respect for women, and thereby destroys the prerequisite for any genuine culture. It is therefore expected of all police authorities that, in support of the spiritual powers developed through the national movement, they take all police measures to destroy the so-called nude culture.

On 3 Marchthe Prussian Ministry of Interior issued a circular to "combat the nudist movement".

Some sources state that Himmler and the SS supported Naturism. In the German Reichthe ban on nude bathing was relaxed by the Reich Ordinance of 10 Julywhen nobody had to see it valid in the West Germany until essen fkk s, in East Germany until In the first color picture books appeared with depictions of martial nudity, such as by the sculptor Arno Breker. The nude beach in Kampen on the island of Sylt in Germany was particularly popular due to extensive media coverage. Naturist organizations gained many new members in the s.

FKK-inspired naturism in Germany continued to be particularly popular in East Germany after the Second World War, possibly because of a more secular cultural development.

In the later decades of the 20th century, naturism became very popular outside Germany. Beach culture was often intermixed — nude and dressed people would swim together and nudity was widely tolerated. This attitude does extend to Austriawhere FKK culture enjoys a high degree of public acceptance, [16] but not to the German-speaking regions of Switzerland. In response to an influx of German FKK enthusiasts crossing the Alpsthe Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhodenwhich became a popular destination for naked hiking, created laws making nude hiking illegal in Many naked ramblers filed a group lawsuit, pleading for legalized nudity, but the case was dismissed in One naked rambler had to pay a essen fkk after passing through a Christian rehab centre.

Movement for social nudity and naked lifestyle. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in German. February Click [show] for important translation instructions.

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