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Dr blum weißenfels

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Dr Blum Weißenfels

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German Society.

Schumacher, who reed in March. Wiebusch, who reed in April. Meyer, who did not accept his re-election. For the upper part of the city, North Dr. For the lower part of the city, South Dr. Temporary Office, till May 1st, on of alterations in the building, 29 Broadway, Second Floor.

Founded in the yeardr blum weißenfels thirteen noble-hearted Germans, after the pattern of the German Society of Pennsylvania, which had been in operation in Philadelphia sinceit has encountered many difficulties, and repeatedly undergone severe struggles for its existence.

Nevertheless, it has steadfastly pursued its aim, to afford the German emigrant advice, protection, and, as far as in its power lay, assistance, allowing itself to be deterred by no obstacles or hostile actions from fulfilling its self-appointed charge, and extending the field of its operations. At the suggestion of the present Board of Directors there will shortly appear a work by Mr.

They feel sure, however, of meeting a general wish, by presenting to the members in the following s, independently of the above-mentioned work, an of some of the important events connected with the German Society, drawn from the Minutes and Annual Reports, and arranged in chronological order.

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The first operations of the Society were necessarily limited to very slight assistance given to indigent Germans; the of members was small, and it was only through the exertions of a few, whose names appear frequently in the Minutes, as well as through the annual festivals, that the organization was maintained. The aim was, on the one hand, to do justice to the shipowners in the satisfaction of their demands on the emigrants for passage-money, and on the other, to protect the latter in their contracts of service.

The Society repeatedly experienced periods of inactivity as well, occasioned partly by a diminished emigration, partly by the war ofas well as by the prevalence of yellow fever in the city at different times. With the commencement of the great flow of emigration, the material changes in the condition of the working-classes in this country, and the improved means of passage, the necessity arose of protecting the German emigrants against manifold swindling operations, and this gave rise successively to the establishment of the Bureau of Information and the Banking Department, to which two branches the chief activity of the Society is still devoted.

The pecuniary assistance afforded indigent Germans has grown, from the small beginnings mentioned below, to a regular expenditure of considerable amount, and is supplemented by a well-organized care of dr blum weißenfels sick.

It is the intention of the Board eventually to make such corrections in this list as may be found necessary, and also to add the names of those who may meanwhile have ed the Society.

It is with the wish that this list of new members may prove a very long one, that the Board presents to the present members the following extracts from the history of the Society and the Annual Report for the year August 23d. ResolvedThat Mr.

Meyer and Mr. Sheaff endeavor to obtain the by-laws of the German Society of Philadelphia. ResolvedThat as soon as the latter have been obtained, the members of this meeting shall consult upon these by-laws, and, as a committee hereby authorized, shall set down in writing their opinion, together with any alterations which may be found necessary; and shall further appoint a convenient place and time for the next meeting of dr blum weißenfels Society, notify the members thereof, and inform them that the aforesaid by-laws, with such alterations as may have been found necessary, will on that occasion be presented for discussion and adoption.

ResolvedThat the present Society agree, in case such notification be given, to meet at the time fixed, at such deated place, in doing which, each member of the present meeting shall be at liberty to bring with him a friend from among our countrymen residing in this city, not present at this meeting, who shall be allowed to take part in the discussion of the business to be consulted upon, and shall be admitted to membership of the Society.

Johann Carl Struve, Mr. Friedrich Von Weissenfels, Mr. Heinrich Eman. Lutterloh, Mr. Johann Balt.

Walter-schade-straße, weißenfels

Dash, Mr. Georg Schmeltzel, Mr. Henrich Will, Mr. Christian Lewis Lente. Johan Meyer, Mr. Lot Merkel, Mr. Wilhelm Becking, Mr. Henrich Sheaff, Mr. Christian Baer, Mr. Isaac Melcher. The next meeting, held for the purpose of organization, took place October 4th,and this date may be deated as that on which the German Society was founded.

At this meeting the following persons ed the Society, in addition to the members above mentioned:.

Bekanntgabe der verleihungen

Dash, Jr. The next meeting, deated as the "first quarterly meeting," took place January 3d,in the Lutheran School-house, and was preceded by a prayer by Dr. Kuntze, "upon which Vice-President Von Weissenfels opened the meeting with a suitable address. The first cases of need which were presented to the Society were those of Peter Paltzgraaf, with a wife and three small children; Adam Berling, with a wife and three small children; Jerich Creyer, with a wife and one small child; for their relief the sum of seven pounds was allowed.

The Minutes state that. After much persuasion, however, he agreed to accept the office.

Members, two and two. Secretary and Treasurer. Remainder of the Procession.

September 12th. Baron Yon Steuben, President protem. October 3d.

Karin evans

Baron Von Steuben chosen President; Dr. Kunze Vice-President; Henry Astor proposed as member. November 18th. April 3d. The President reports that the Legislature has refused to grant the charter petitioned for.

Resolved, to fraternize with the German Society of Philadelphia. July 14th. Resolved to authorize Dr. Gross on that of the Reformed Church, to select two poor children who were to be sent to the schools at the expense of the Society. October 2d. The office of a Dean is declared unnecessary.

Annual report of the german society of the city of new york

October 12th. The committee were of opinion that the land was very cheap, being fenced in, and a small house being built upon it. March 7th. Resolved that the ministers of the German churches be requested, in the name of the Society, to give notice of the quarterly meetings of the Society from the pulpit on the Sunday preceding the meeting. April 17th. November 7th.

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January 3d. Resolved to hold a festival at Mr. Rawson's, Water St. A committee was appointed "to invite the Mayor of this city to this festival in the name of the whole Society," and another committee, to provide "that on the day in question all the arrangements would be of a character to do credit to the German Society. At the quarterly general meeting, April 2d, it was reported that Mr. At the same meeting the Mayor of the city, James Duane, was received as member.

On July 2d, it was resolved, on the motion of Edward Livingston, "that the Society, out of respect for Hermann, the liberator of the Germans, should in future observe the 11th of August as the day of their annual festival.

This resolution, however, has, probably, been reconsidered, for it was resolved on October 2d, "to hold the festival of the Society on October 4th, because that was the day on which the Society had first met. Gross opened the festivities of the day with a well-expressed prayer to the Highest Being, who looks down with approbation even upon the feeblest of our imperfect efforts to relieve the wants of our suffering fellow-creatures.

The Vice-President, Mr. John Meyer, then delineated, in an appropriate, well-elaborated speech, the character of the German nation, upon which Dr. Kunze closed the services of the occasion with an address which accorded fully with the well-known learning of the speaker, and in which he treated more extensively of the same subject as that enlarged upon by Vice-President Meyer.

The services ended, the Society repaired to the City Tavern, wdiere it was honored by the presence of the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the St. Andrew's and St.