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Asylterror in deutschland

By P Gosselin on 4.

Asylterror In Deutschland

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Russian disinformation is working overtime to undermine European democracies. Much of the disinformation in came from original Russian sources that presented poorly digested information deed to provoke and to push an agenda that the Kremlin finds favorable. It aims to disconnect ordinary European citizens from supranational EU institutions and national politicians. With key elections in the Netherlands, Germany, and France this year, it is clear that Russia will try to use the refugee and migrant crisis that has battered Europe for its own foreign policy goals. This assault can have serious long-term consequences for Europe, which may soon have hardline anti-EU parties and politicians in power.

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Football without ultras is nothing!

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Just noticed this refugee walking around a train station i'm waiting for the train and this guy walks here everyday with a piece of paper in his hand that he has a wife and children and needs this money. I see this dude everyday and other refugees aswell.

I actually did offer to buy drink and food but he declined!!!!!!!

Whats even more funny, nobody gives him money not even the other immigrants And this station where i am standing is a very multi cultured place and he is asking moroccans and blacks and they both look at him like wtf man you wear more expensive clothes then we do. Instead of fighting for ur country, let's go to another country and walk around all day hoping some retarded white person who thinks his poor will give him money so he can buy his new clothes.

Aren't a of the criticisms of migrants in this thread also criticisms of people in general? Migrants supporting teams outside their locality for example.

Combating russian disinformation: the case for stepping up the fight online

This has been happening forever with UK citizens who grew up supprting Liverpool, then Man United and now Arsenal and Chelsea just because they saw them winning things on tv even though they live a hundred miles or more from the ground. You even hear people claim to support Barcelona or Real Madrid without any irony. Khadgor's story of the well dressed migrant conning people out of money isn't something new.

You get all kinds of stories from people who were born in the UK to con you out of money, from the bloke on the street who claims to need money to catch the train because he's just left the army and needs to get back to his parents house to the cold caller who's getting some pensioner to give them their bank details. It's the same with child abuse or rape allegations, it's not as if these things were invented by migrants, they sadly exist already.

With so many people moving around the world it's inevitable that some of them are going to be rapists or thieves, this shouldn't be reason to tarnish all asylterror in deutschland the same brush though. It's like saying that all women are evil because of the actions of Myra Hindley and Rose West or because Gary Glitter was a nonce that you should never trust someone in a band!

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Afghans in Kiel molested three underage girls A group of two to three dozen migrants persecuted and harassed in the northern Kiel three girls in a shopping center. Police release them. Rather block facebook, against local people deploy water cannons and everyone will have smile at foreigners dark-skinned.

And if anyone violates this regulation gets baton. No more swedish social money for poor muslims from somalia. They have go to work: Why do you do all those such bad things for these poor refugees from Somalia????

Fucking swedish racists!! Kill them all!!

Sweden for Somalia!! Immigrants break through police barriers trying to cross the boarder to Macedonia.

Peaceful people who always seems to start a riot when they doesn't get what they want. Gizmo Feb 27wrote:. Superme Feb 29wrote: How you look at the current situation in Greece?

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