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Started by Labusch10 Mar Posted 10 Mar I have a young cousin who lives in Spandau Berlin. At Christmas she ed me but I lost the address due to a computer crash. Is there a German website that I can go to, like a directory, that may help me locate her? Before you ask, no I don't have her address only a rough idea of the area she lives in. I found an old mate of mine that way. But only cos he ed a gym and they randomly had some of his details on the site.

Is there something like Friends Reunited in Germany? If so perhaps you can find her on there and make contact through the site. Posted 13 Jan Assuming for a moment that you're not a stalker we've had a few on this forum you can try Das Telefonbuch.

Surprised you weren't able to find that yourself. If she is the same age as you and presumably American then I'm guessing she is au-pairing or at Uni here.

If she's at uni then of course you should check the website of the uni. If she's au-pairing then its going to be a little difficult. I think we need a bit more info - is she American and visiting Germany or is she German for example. If she's German then the chances may be better than a visiting American probably.

Here is the local phone book for Stendal. And info about firms in Stendal. If you're really bent on finding this person, I'm assuming you'd be willing to pay for help finding her. Here's the of a private detective agency in Stendal. Posted 28 Mar I am trying to locate the where abouts of my brother in law's older brother who we know lives in Berlin.

My sister in law is trying to do this without her husband knowing as it is their 25th wedding anniversary soon and if possible she would like to make contact before then. I have tried searching various sites on the internet but can not locate an appropriate one, If anyone can make any suggestions on how to find someone in Berlin i would be very grateful. Topics merged by admin.

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I have access to a of person-search databases. If you can give me as much information on the person as possible names, known addresses now or ly, phone s, etc. No promises, of course.

Posted 7 May I am Cuban that used to live in Erfrurt Germany for 16 years but have been living in the US for the past 6 years. I'm trying to find a way to locate some old friends of mine that lived in Erfurt when I was there. Does anybody know how to do look for someone? A to call? Thank you! That sounds very interesting. Were you there as part of an exchange when the wall fell?

That would be a good story to hear, I bet. As banal as it might appear, you could start with the online phone book telefonbuch. I am amazed how easy it is to find people that way. Works if you have the phone but no name, as well. You could also do a blog search in technorati to see if there are any bloggers based there, and just leave a query in their blog comments. You never know.

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I've also found a handful of old school mates simply by typing a full name in quotes into google. Good luck! Posted 8 May His name is Thomas, he distributed cuban alcohol to restaurants. Does anybody know how to locate friends or a chat for Oberhof residents? Thanks you. I would do a search for the spanish speaking ex-pats group if I was you. I will look around to see if I can dig up there name I use to know it. It's not a very big town- surely the locals would know where to find him.

You might also want to give a few of the restaurants a call. Contact universities or antenne thüringen chat de in that particular area of Germany, foreigners tend to have some connection to such institutions. I'd imagine the Cuban community in the region is fairly close-knit, so if you can get the names of a few Cubans, you might be able to track them down. When I used to live in the area, they had ethic festivals, dance clubs, etc Also, being the good DDR citizens they once were, many people in the area have an interest in Cuba and its people, so your Cuban friends might be quite popular in the area-- wouldn't hurt asking the local PDS party members.

No, I'm not joking.

Posted 14 May Hello everyone the chocolateman of many flavors is back. I have not been able to reply until now and I'm still learning how to use this program. I was also there and clearly remember when the Berlin Wall fell.

I am very grateful for your responses and suggestions on where to find my friends. I have tried looking them up on the telephone but no luck. I also went into the chat but since I don't write in German, it's hard for me to understand so that doesn't work for me. I did remember something about my friend from Oberhof, his name is Thomas Croke and he worked at a bartender at the Panorama Hotel in Oberhof. Do you think I can call the hotel and see if they can communicate me to him?

Posted 24 Aug I've tried several ways to get in contact with my friends in Germany but failed and I'm trying again. My name is Orlando, I'm Cuban and lived in Germany for 18 years. I've been living in San Francisco for the past 6 years and I haven't been able to contact my friends in Erfurt or Oberhoff.

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If anyone has a new suggestions I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Chocolateman.

Posted 8 Oct Am looking for an old german friend from in Osnabruck when I was in the Army can anyone tell me how to do this? Posted 31 Jul I would really like to here from them again. Does anyone know him? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Life in Germany.

People searching, address and phone directories Started by Labusch10 Mar Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Have you tried googling her name, both the. She's German lives on Stendal and has never been to America before. Hi I am trying to locate the where abouts of my brother in law's older brother who we know lives in Berlin. Kind Regards Sharon Topics merged by admin. Orlando Topics merged by admin. Hi choco-man! Hi, my name is Orlando and I am looking for my friend that lived in Oberhof. Thanks you Topics merged by admin.

Hello, I've tried several ways to get in contact with my friends in Germany but failed and I'm trying again. Register a new. in Already have an ?